The extra virgin olive oil is a completely genuine and healthy feed. It represents one of the most important basic elements of the Mediterranean Diet. It is very digestible, it regulates the gastric, hepatic and intestinal functions.

It has got an intense flavour and a unique perfume. According to many scientific studies, in its daily use, the EVO oil reduces the presence of LDL cholesterol (the bad one) by increasing the percentage of the good cholesterol; furthermore, it reduces the risk of cardiac pathologies and facilitates the good blood pressure. It contains the “oleocanthal” a chemical compound which is anti-inflammatory.

The polyphenols and the vitamins available in this precious food, thanks to their antioxidant property, reduce the cellular ageing by contrasting neuronal diseases. The polyphenols lend the extra virgin olive oil its particular fruity perfume and the slightly bitter hot taste. It is an ideal seasoning matching with all dishes, and it’s a genuine tasteful helper for health and wellness.


Extra virgin olive oil


Perfumed Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Virgin Olive Oil