First Cold Pressing

The quality of the Masseria Manfredi Evo oil is due above all to the passion and the skilful hands of the owners, who as usually follow each phase of the production and of the whole process.

A Lella and Pierino deserve the credit of having steadfastly preserved during the decades the traditional method of processing olives called “first cold pressing, even if the defence of this tradition could appear anachronistic. Olives are grinded in pure granite mill stones until they become a homogeneous paste, which is spread upon disks of fabric and then is “squashed” in specific press. The result of this process is a must (water and oil) which is then processed in a centrifuge and separated, due to the different specific weight of the two elements. During this process, which is exclusively mechanical, the temperature remains constantly at 27° C, and this allows to maintain a better preservation of the nutrition and organoleptic factors of the product.